Thursday, November 20, 2014

Writing Paper #3 Reflection Paper

            For the synthesis paper, I think the paper worked well with the purpose statement that was written. I think that the purpose statement had many key ideas that needed to be hit by the synthesis paper. The paper overviewed all the ideas that were needed and went into depth for each part of the purpose statement. I used all the authors that I wanted to use to create the argument on the best way to prepare and prosper in the new workforce. I made a point in the purpose statement to cover all the argumentative techniques for the paper. In the paper, I didn’t use the words logos, ethos, and pathos, but I did use the techniques without outwardly saying that this is using logos… I wanted to use a pyramid style argument, but I am not sure if that was completed in the paper. I thought that was a good structure to use to make my argument, but I lost sight of the style while I was writing my paper.

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