Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Purpose Statement for Synthesis Paper

            My argument on what Sennett is trying to get across is at the common student in college or thinking about going to college. With using synthesized articles from Sennett, Huws, Judy and D’Amico, Blinder, and Friedman, I created an argument for the best way to prepare for the working life. This argumentative paper will explain what is changing the workforce of the new times and how to keep ahead of the curve. This offers insight on how people are losing their jobs; as well as, the best education background taken from college. The audience is going to look at different phrases and facts given by some of the most intelligent people in this field. I analyzed statements and put it in terms of my overall argument. I used Logos primarily in the argument with ethos used to backup the credibility of the sources I quoted. Pathos was hardly used expect for the fact that uneducated and unprepared workers were losing their jobs because they were not ahead of the curve and advancing themselves in their career. My arguments base portrayed a pyramid style argument. I started with a very basic argument that everybody can relate to using different quotes and sources. The next argument was more of a revelation and helped develop my argument almost all the way. The last example was a specific argument that not many can relate to; however, they can follow the example and see the underlying, nonvisible affects.

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