Tuesday, November 18, 2014

What I care about

I care a lot about family and friends. There are two types of family that mean the world to me. My immediate actual family being my mom, dad, brother, and extended family as well. My other family is my cross country team. They are family. I care about them because we all love to run competitively. Running is important to me. College running is very important to me especially right now. I have tons of goals that I want to accomplish by the time I graduate in 3 years. Schooling is another thing I really care about. I hate Gen Eds but my major classes are a blast. I know for a fact that i chose the right major. I love my subject so far and the professors make it fantastic. I also am a giant blackhawks and bears fan. I love both football and hockey and I wish i could play both those sports and still run for Lewis. I try and watch every game of these two teams especially, but also every game in the NHL and NFL. My topic i think will be collegiate athletics.

There are many people that are affected b collegiate athletes. The athletes themselves, the athletes family, the athletes friends, the coaching staff, the people in charge of the coaching staff, the family of all those people, and the fans of sports. If college athletics went away, there would be many jobs lost along with many upset people throughout the country. Schools would lose students if athletics were to stop being allowed as well. Some of the big time football players are only there because of football and same with basketball or any other major sport. In fact, high school students are affected by college athletics. Scholarship offers separate the better athletes from the normal athletes. Having the scholarship over their head makes for a better effort in practice and performance.

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