Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Purpose Statement and Design Plan

College athletics is essential to a university

-Statement ofPurpose-
I am an athlete for Lewis on the track and cross-coutry team. Collegiate athletics is essential to universities and college throughout. I want to explain some aspects and facts of college athletics that the average student may not know. I would be informing the students and student-athletes attending any university. I will explain the parts of collegiate athletics to my audience through blog, verbal, and visual presentations in the classroom. The difference in the approaches allow for an effective way to teach the students about collegiate athletics and the importance of it.

-Design Plan-
Strategies: The way I want to portray my topic is through seriousness and ideas that are important and accurate. I want people to be interested in my topic but also know how serious it is. I want to show pictures of Lewis University gear that catch the logical side of my audience so that then they can understand the importance of the topic as I do. I will talk about my topic with a mellow tone, but there will be a hint of seriousness with the topics. My audience is important and the way I show my side will be important. I will use ethos, pathos, and logos to capture my audience’s attention.
Ethos is important. I will show them the jobs that are involved with the topic. The pictures of all the job titles will be a revelation.
Pathos is the least effective role in my argument. I will use pictures of the jobs and explain what were to happen if the job is terminated. The toll it would take on the families that are involved in athletics.
Logos will be used primarily. I will explain the financial part of athletics, the enrollment side of athletics, and any other areas that are directly effected by the topic.

Medium: For the medium, I decided that a typical slide show with more focus on the narrative would be more important than a childlike slideshow. Speaking to intelligent advisors and people involved in athletics want to hear more facts than anything. Sports are a numbers game. The people within sports deal almost completely with numbers. The upper level management in the athletics department do not want cheesy pictures; therefore, facts and information will be an effective approach.

Arrangement: I will have eight to ten slides in PowerPoint. I will arrange the slides from least severe and effective to the most relevant topic in the argument. I will mix the type of pictures being used to change with the topics being talked about. The text is going to be more effective on my audience than the pictures themselves. Therefore, there will be more focus on the narrative and captions. I do this so the focus is more on the text, but the pictures add effect to each point made.

Testing: To make sure the approach is effective with my specific audience and to make sure the points got across, I will hold questions after my presentation and ask others what they thought about it as well. Knowing the effectiveness will allow for more persuasion and parts that can be improved. 

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