Thursday, September 11, 2014

IN CLASS Design Plan Draft:


My argument is that collegiate athletics is essential to any university. I'm still working on exactly how to word it. With that there are still claims that can be made, because the entirety of the argument isn't going to change.
My first claim would be it brings in students that may have never came to university without athletics. This will be hard to show in pictures. But a re-wording of the claim may make it easier. I could word it as: Athletics brings more students to the university. This is my most important argument. I like to end strong, so I will have this last. I could move it up front if needed. I would show this by walking in the REC building and taking pictures of different team pictures that were taken in the past and this year to show the consistency of the argument.
My second claim is that it is advertising. The Lewis logo or BedCheck Charlie may not be as well known; however, the fighting irishman for Notre Dame is known throughout the country. With more advertising, the more the name gets out and people want the apparel. This brings in money as well which is put right back into the university. Notre Dame wouldn't be as famous without there football team and other successful athletics. This claim can be made somewhere in the middle. It is not as important as the first claim, but it still serves a purpose.
My third claim is that athletics brings jobs. This sounds silly at first until you think about all the jobs it really brings in. I know for Lewis Cross Country and Track, there are three full-time coaches on salary. Along side that, there are other volunteer coaches and others that are always helping out. This is one team out of the many sports we have here. Then you have an athletic director and others that overlook the coaches. NCAA compliance people are also paid for this reason. These are just some of the jobs offered throughout a smaller school. There are thousands of schools in USA and that means thousands more jobs that are in place. Without the athletic department, all those people wouldn't be in the dream job, or, with this economy, even have a job. This picture can go last or first because of the logos that goes into it. I can even look up actual facts for the amount of schools with athletics. That stat alone could be mind changing.

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