Thursday, September 4, 2014

Important and Interesting

- What matters to you most?
- What interests you?
- What do you want to learn about?
- What do you want to investigate?

Family is the most important thing to me. Yes direct family, but also my team family I have. Nobody will ever be more important than someone in my direct family, besides the one person I bring in to the family as my wife. In my mind, its family over everything all the time. No issue will ever override my family.
My Cross Country family is important as well. Those guys are my best friends and I would be there for them if they ever needed it, and they would be there for me as well. My team and I are up at 5 practicing every single morning and we go through the same pains. No one else besides those special group of guys will understand how I feel on any given day. We understand each other and work with each other to make ourselves better, but better in more than just running.

Family is important, but there really isn't a field to study in school for that. Physics and all there other aspects of the subject have me intrigued with almost any topic. I am on the physics research team here as well, under Dr. Ryan Hooper who just brought me on. I am interested in the subject we will be studying and trying to make. I am not sure exactly where this project will lead me, but there are only benefits.

The idea of physics just grasps my attention, and I plan in going to get my PhD one day in a very specific area of physics. That area is still not exactly known though. Only time will tell...

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